Thesis Research grant

Dear Members,

The Nail Society of India (NSI) was established in 2012 with a vision to encourage and advance the current knowledge and practices about Nail in health and disease. Among its objectives was to promote research in various aspects of nail disorders.

To further the same, NSI initiated “NSI Thesis Research Grants” in the year 2019, to encourage primary research in the field of nail diseases.

The grant can be used only for thesis research topics where the primary concern is nail in health or disease. Both the Post-graduate applicant and the Supervisor need to be members of NSI.

Call for applications is sent out in the second half of the year inviting protocols submitted/ likely to be submitted in the Calendar year, in the prescribed format.

The applications received are objectively evaluated by the members of the “Thesis Research Grant Committee”. Final decision on suitability for funding is taken by a Jury, comprising of NSI Core Committee Members.

There are 2 such grants awarded every year (amounting to a maximum of INR 30,000/-). The awarded candidates are disbursed the amount upon submission of invoice(s) for the expenditure heads approved. The grant can be used to purchase reagent/ test kit/ instrument/ equipment etc. The decision of the committee is final and binding. Successful applicants are also required to submit proof of Ethics Committee approval and registration with the Clinical Trials Registry (if applicable) within a months of the receipt of communication of approval of funding.

The grants are awarded upon the undertaking that completed projects will be submitted for presentation in ONYCHOCON as well as for publication. The final publication will also acknowledge the support received from NSI.


Dr Anil Kumar Bhoi- Evaluation of serum levels of inflammatory cytokines in nail psoriasis: A cross sectional study.


Dr Kriti- Nail changes in patients receiving cancer chemotherapy: A cross sectional study.

Dr Bharti Aggarwal- To Evaluate and compare nail changes in Leprosy and diabetic neuropathy on clinical, onychoscopic and nail fold capillaroscopic features.